Hierarchical organisation

Giving you control and flexibility at every level possible.
Progressively is built on top of 3 entities that are:
  • projects
  • environments
  • feature flags
Each project can have multiple environments that can have multiple feature flags.
This hierarchical structure allows the same instance of Progressively to hold multiple projects, but also to apply different feature flag resolution rules to different environments.
For example, if I have a New merchant store project with 3 environments (Development, Staging, Production), I can define different flag resolution rules for each of these environments.
This is practical for testing early in the process, on a not-so-critical environment with more permissive rules, and to keep strong constraints on the Production environment.
Note that when creating a feature flag on a given environment, it will also be created for the other environments of the given project, for consistency purposes. This way, when using a specific flag in your codebase, it will resolve a value. Of course, you can define specific rollout configurations for a flag in each environment.